How to repair a plasterboard ceiling

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There can be many causes that a drywall ceiling has deteriorated and needs to be fixed immediately, a misstep upstairs, a roof leak, or a leaking pipe. This type of damage is perfectly locatable and easily repairable damage.

Repair a drywall ceiling without being a professional

Before starting to work on the affected area, it is advisable to check the electrical system of the house and decide to cut the power. Then you will need to check the direction the joists are laid and if there is any electrical wiring near the affected area. In the event that the damaged ceiling is below a floor, the electrical system inspection can be performed from the top or top floor, lifting floorboards. In the event that the inspection from above cannot be performed, proceed to make a hole in the center of the affected area and look through it using a flashlight or mirror.

Steps to follow to repair a plasterboard ceiling

  1. Around the affected area, draw a square or rectangle on the ceiling.
  2. Make an opening in the ceiling plasterboard, slightly larger than the affected area. You can do this using a rib saw, or if there are cables nearby, a blade to cut through the thickness of the plasterboard.
  3. Cut and nail some studs between the joists, just at the edges of the opening, so that half of the thickness projects beyond the opening in the ceiling plasterboard.
  4. Next, nail some 50 x 25 mm slats. on the sides of the joists.
  5. Cut a piece of plasterboard the size of the opening you made and nail to the cross members and slats.
  6. Finally, fill and tape the side joints and obtain a smooth, even and recovered surface.

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