How to make paper snowflakes

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How to make an easy paper snowflake.

Decorating the house at Christmas can be a lot of fun, a very nice, cheap and easy option can be to make snowflakes with paper to decorate the windows or put them on the tree.

In this tutorial we are going to explain a very easy way to make some super cool snowflakes, it is an entertaining craft to do but the result is worth it. We are going to make 3d paper snowflakes.

Materials needed to make a paper snowflake:

  • 1 white sheet
  • scissors
  • Liquid silicone or glue, glue ...

How to make a paper snowflake step by step:

  1. We cut out the folio and shape it into a square
  2. We divide the large square and cut it into 4 smaller ones
  3. We take one of the squares and fold it into a triangle shape, we fold it again to make another smaller triangle. (the triangle that comes out is a right triangle with two straight sides and one slanted)
  4. Take the triangle with one hand and put the shortest straight side down and now with the scissors make cuts of approx. 1 cm following the inclined line, without completely cutting the sheet.
  5. Open the square carefully
  6. Now with a little glue you have to stick the strips to give it the shape, we are gluing from the inside out and first on one side, we turn and glue the next strips on the other side
  7. When we have the 4 small triangles we glue them on one of the ends to give it the final shape.

You can also follow the steps by watching this video with the step by step of how to make the snowflake

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