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Smart Watches and MSN Direct

In recent days, a very active advertising campaign for the only product that tries to give the Company a bit of image is beginning to be seen in the United States. MSN Direct.

Through MSN direct Users who buy a watch with certain characteristics can receive through it all kinds of information: the weather, sports results, Stock Market, updated agenda ... In addition, the time changes automatically with the time zone. The price of Smart Watches It varies between 130 and 300 dollars, depending on the model and the benefits.

Bad year 2004 for Microsoft

This campaign covers a reality that for 2004 is not very favorable for Microsoft:

  • Delays in the submission of your search technology scheduled for early December.
  • A Google marking the leadership in products such as the desktop search engine, Google suggest, etc. Microsoft has responded late to the guidelines set by Google today with an advantage.
  • The appearance and success of the FireFox browser.
  • Expert forecasts estimate that Linux will generate a market of 35,000 million dollars in 2008.
  • Criticism of MSn spaces for the restrictions of use in the blogging community.
  • Google Local by mobile with more extensive services than MSN direct through the Clock.


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