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Christmas candy: glass decorated in the shape of a reindeer and Santa Claus

Today I have a great gift to give at Christmas, you can do it for the invisible friend, to have a nice little detail with your work colleagues, as a craft at school to distribute among the kids…. It is a decorated glass that you can fill with jelly beans, cookies, chocolates.

Necessary material:

  • Polystyrene glass
  • Permanent markers in red (or orange) and black
  • Scissors
  • Silicone (hot or cold)
  • Pencil
  • Cardboard or eva rubber in brown
  • Brown marker (optional)
  • A red felt pom pom
  • Cling film (or a bag)
  • A cord or bow to tie the bag of jelly beans
  • Jelly beans, or cookies, or chocolates

How to make the glasses decorated in the shape of a reindeer and Santa Claus step by step:

Glass of santa claus

  • Paint the top of the glass with the black marker (the rim of the glass or 1cm)
  • Draw with the pencil the shape of the nose, the eyes, the mouth (do not press too much in case you make a mistake because the marks remain)
  • Paint the nose with the red (or orange) marker
  • Paint the eyes and mouth with the black marker
  • Put the jelly beans in the bag and tie them with the bow, put them inside the glass and that's it

Reindeer glass

  • Glue the red pompom with a little silicone on the glass
  • Paint the reindeer eyes with the black permanent marker (you can also use plastic eyes)
  • Draw the reindeer antlers on the eva rubber or brown cardboard and cut out the shape, then with the brown marker, mark the outline of the antlers and stick them on the inside glass
  • Fill the glass with the bag of jelly beans

You can also watch the video with the step by step:

If you make the glasses, take photos of them and share them on the crafts facebook, I will love to see how they have been

Happy Holidays and happy day !!

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