Trick to cool down the temperature of the car without air conditioning

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Ingenious technique to lower the temperature of the car in summer

One of the drawbacks of summer is checking that our car has become a real oven after spending a few hours in the sun. What we usually do to lower the temperature is open the car, roll down the windows, turn on the air conditioning to the maximum and wait a couple of minutes outside until we get the temperature down a bit before raising it.

On YouTube we have found a video that explains a simple and ingenious technique to cool the car with which it is possible to lower the temperature inside the vehicle by about 10 degrees. It is a technique that it works even if you don't have air conditioning. We have tested it and it works !!

Technique to cool the car fast without air conditioning

Lower only the passenger window and leave the rest up. Now you have to quickly open and close the door on the driver's side, in the video they do it 5 times. In this way, what is achieved is to push the hot air that is inside the vehicle that comes out through the open window. If you want it to be more effective, you can do the same procedure later with the window and the door on the opposite side.

Did you know this technique? Do you know other tricks to avoid being so hot in the car?

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