Insomnia Remedies: Fixed Hours

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Parents will already know the importance that pediatricians give to routine in the case of babies. For adults, routine is also important.

The body works better if we maintain a stable schedule of getting up in the morning, eating and going to bed at night.

Pick a time to sleep each night and try to respect it. Even if you don't feel particularly tired when it's time, you should go to bed. Your body will thank you and you will get used to relaxing more easily.

Other things that can help cure insomnia:

Have a relaxing drink
Eat something light before going to bed
Avoid certain substances
Prepare your bedroom
Use a good bed
Sleep on your back
If you can't sleep, do something
Get up early in the morning
Only use your bed to sleep
Visualization (sheep, situations ...)
Relaxation techniques
Physical exercise during the day

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