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Changes also in the home and family - it is a trend that started in the second part of 2012 and continues in the first part of 2013. Possibility of expanding the family during those months (the horoscope indicates fertility for Pisces this year) or of renewing home. Also from a trip.

Due to the presence of Saturn, this year Pisces who are students or academics will have difficulties in their studies and will have to try harder to achieve optimal results. They will be able to do it, only it will cost them more effort.

The most important achievements for Pisces this year will be related to home and family, fun, travel, children and creativity.

Pisces 2013: Love, Family, Friendship

Love and Pisces 2013

Stable year in love for Pisces. Pisces with a stable partner should not have great ups and downs in 2013 and single Pisces are unlikely to find the love of their life this year. Partly because the focus of his Pisces attention is really on his family and home this year and he just doesn't have time - or in many cases too much desire - to seek love. There is a chance of dating, and a certain chance of dating. a relationship with a colleague or a co-worker. But romances are unlikely to be long-lasting and also unlikely to marry for Pisces in 2013.

Family and Pisces 2013

Priority area for Pisces in 2013. This year Pisces will want to put their family and domestic affairs in order and will succeed in doing so. There is a lot of possibility of moves and / or reforms this year. There is also a probability of expanding the family, either with a birth or with a wedding. There will be harmony within the family and a feeling of support, generosity and prosperity, something that will make Pisces feel very happy since family becomes one of their priorities this year. Possibility of working from home this year, either developing your own business, or because you prefer to take home work from the office this year. More harmony in the relationship of Sagittarius parents this year. Recent conflicts have been resolved.

Social life and Pisces 2013

Stable year for Pisces - your circles of friends will be maintained even though you have less time for social events due to your dedication to domestic matters. His friends will support Pisces in this installment, and many will actively participate in family activities or home renovations - so much so that Pisces will end the year considering some of them as part of his family.

Pisces 2013: Money, Work, Education

Pisces and money 2013

Year with a lot of activity in financial matters for Pisces with some changes in their way of managing money. In general you will be right with your intuition and in this sense it could be a good year to make an investment (as long as you can afford it without problems). It is very important to request the services of a good lawyer before making large purchases, for example of a property.

Pisces and work 2013

There is a very direct relationship between new technologies and Pisces work this year. You may decide to start a project linked to the Internet or you may have to adapt your company or your sector to technological changes. Possibility of taking an online course this year. Regarding professional successes, the second part of the year is more favorable than the first. Probably the fact that you prefer to spend so much time on your family life means that you can spend less time on your job, but from July this changes, precisely the domestic stability will allow you to focus more on your work and the results and fruits will not take long to arrive. .

Pisces 2013: Health

It is generally a good year for Pisces in matters related to health, especially from June 2013. There may be occasional problems, but most likely they are not serious. As we have already mentioned, it is a year of changes, generally positive, for Pisces, and this will also show in the way they take care of themselves. It is possible that this year some Pisces decide to make radical changes in their diet. Some will decide to eliminate meat from their diet, others wheat or dairy (if this is the case, it would be interesting to consult with a nutrition expert before starting their new diet). The results of these changes will be positive for Pisces health and in general they will feel more in control of their fitness and energy levels thanks to them. It is also a great year to start a new sport.



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