To keep the flame of passion alive

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Hello everyone, it seemed to me that today is a good day to talk about positive things and what better way than to keep the flame of love alive.

We all assume that over time the habit ends up deteriorating relationships, especially if we are very young and we are not clear about our plans for the future.

Well this time I invite you to help me enrich these points that for me should be essential in a relationship.

  • -The details are a gesture that should not be lost, but remember not to make it a reflex action, because that way it becomes customary.
  • -Complicity, that is a way of joining that you will only find in a couple that is a good partner.
  • -Saying I love you is never too much, and especially when your partner is not expecting it.
  • -Try doing new things that you both enjoy, going for a walk in the mountains, going to the movies, or just walking in the rain.
  • -Don't assume that your partner is there for you when you need her and because she loves you she will wait for you and will not get bored of the routine, think every day what made you be together, so you will not forget what makes her smile and calls her of love will live on.

After saying this I have to clarify that these guidelines are learning from my experience, they are general guidelines that many will find corny, but that if we put into practice at least once a week they can help us to feed love with love. And even though There is nothing to assure us that love will continue to live, we can do our part and try to be happy by making those we love happy.

As always I await your opinions and experiences, remember that we can all learn from everyone.

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