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We have selected some Albacete city telephones, which will make your trip much easier.

Unexpected problems can arise during a trip, which you did not have; changes of plans and routes, in which you have to improvise; or simply need to have more information than one has ...

We think these phones can be useful in any unexpected situation.
Telephone numbers of the Albacete Information and Tourism Offices
Telephone of the Information and Tourism Offices of Albacete (c / Tinte, 2, at the Posada del Rosario)967 580 522
Telephone of the Information and Tourism Offices of Almansa (Hermitage of San Blas)967 31 12 59
Telephone of the Information and Tourism Offices of Caudete967 82 79 70
Telephone of the Information and Tourism Offices of Chinchilla967 26 00 01
Telephone of the Information and Tourism Offices of Alcaraz967 38 08 37
Telephone of the Information and Tourism Offices of Hellin967 54 15 00
Telephone of the Information and Tourism Offices of Riopar (Town hall)967 43 52 30
Telephone of the Information and Tourism Offices of Villarobledo 967 14 19 80
Telephone numbers of the Administrative Institutions of Albacete
Albacete Town Hall Telephone967 59 61 05 and 967 59 61 59
Albacete Provincial Council Telephone967 59 53 00
Telephone Subdelegation of the Government Albacete

967 769 000

Telephones Department of Social AffairsAlbacete967 59 61 00
Telephone: Foreign Office Albacete967 550 783
Albacete Transport Telephones
Albacete Airport Telephone91 321 10 00
Telephone RENFE FEVE Albacete902 24 02 02
Albacete Urban Bus Company Telephone Bus Station967 216 012
Telephone National Traffic Directorate967 210 811- 967 210 800
Provincial Traffic Headquarters Telephone967 210 811
Traffic Civil Guard Telephone967 210 800
Albacete Emergency Telephone Numbers
Emergency telephone numbers Albacete112
Albacete National Police Telephone091
Telephone: Civil Guard Albacete062
Albacete Civil Protection Telephone967 663 646
Red Cross Albacete Telephone967 219 050
Telephone Social Security Albacete Health Info Medical Emergencies967 598 700
Albacete Ambulance Telephone061
Albacete Firefighters Telephones080
Telephone Vehicle Warehouse-Albacete Crane092
Telephone I.T.V.967 210 974
Sea rescue900 20 22 02
Roadside Help Phone91 742 12 13
Telephone900 123 505
Telephone numbers for the Candelation of Bank Cards in Spain
Telephone 4 B- VISA Electron - Master Card - VISA902114400 / 913626200
PhoneDinner's Club902 401 112
TelephoneServired (VISA-VISA Electron-MasterCard)902 192 100
PhoneAmerican Express902 375 637
TelephoneRed 6000915 965 335
Phone Madrid Box902 246 810
Telephone El Corte Inglés901 122 122
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