Insomnia Remedies: A Massage

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A relaxing massage can help you calm down and avoid the disorder of not being able to sleep

It is important that the person in charge of doing the massage focuses on your back, neck and head. In these areas, you should do a gentle, slow, sensitive and firm massage in order to remove the tension from your muscles and reassure you.

You can use special creams and lotions to help you relax. You can also combine relaxation techniques with massage, which will provide a state of well-being and relaxation that induces sleep.

Massages that can help you with sleep problems:

  • Reiki massage: healing and energetic
  • Relaxing Shiatsu massage
  • Essential oils for massages

Other things that can help cure insomnia:

Eat something light before going to bed
Avoid certain substances
Prepare your bedroom
Use a good bed
Keep a set time to go to sleep
Sleep on your back
If you can't sleep, do something
Get up early in the morning
Only use your bed to sleep
Visualization (sheep, situations ...)
Relaxation techniques
Physical exercise during the day

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