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Routes of Paradores with our Map of Paradores in Google Maps

The Paradores Map covers the entire geography of Spain. Its location strategy makes it very convenient to plan to get to know Spain through the Paradores de Turismo network.

How to plan and design routes through Paradores depends on budget, time, etc. The important thing is to have tools that allow us to design our own routes according to our preferences and possibilities.

Some Tips for designing Parador routes

The network of paradores indicates packages of 3 and 7 nights with different routes. There is one for every taste. Route World Heritage Cities, Route of the Camino de Santiago (two different), Pyrenees, Monasteries, Anadalusí (two), Ruta de la Plata (three).

Unless you are interested in a focus or specialty, we believe that the diversity that is obtained if we design our own routes is more enjoyable and attractive, choosing paradores with very different characteristics (nature, sea, historical, monumental, from different regions , etc.) that are relatively close to each other.

This allows, for example, to diversify regional cuisine and gastronomy and to be able to enjoy greater diversity, to choose inns that are close to our trips and trips for other reasons (work, family trips, etc.).

The advantages of using our Map of Paradores for routes

  1. It allows us to calculate the distances and routes with all kinds of details (km traveled, travel time, etc.) between the paradores that are of our choice. The location points of the hostel on our map are 100% accurate and lead to the door of the hostel itself (if not, we would like to know).
  2. Availability of additional useful information:
    • File of each Parador with information and our own review. See paradores.
    • Photos of each Parador, giving different images of it. See photos of paradores.
    • Guide to the Parador province with a lot of useful information on the most outstanding things in that area (monumental historical heritage, natural resources, Natural Parks, restaurants, gastronomy, hotels, services). See provincial guides.
    • GPS of the hostel. Location of the GPS coordinates of the different paradores provided by the network of paradores itself.
    • Access to the official website of each hostel.

This is our map of Paradores, we hope it is useful!

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