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Christmas is a very special time for gifts. What would Christmas be without the Three Wise Men, Santa Claus, Christmas Eve. New Years Eve...

But being original in the Christmas gift costs a lot. So much so that some see how the same gift is repeated every year in Christmas gifts. Although some gifts match, here are the Christmas gift lists and suggestions. Let's deal with cheap gift ideas, the ones you can find a great variety on ebay, or even free christmas gifts that especially the young can do the old (but also the other way around).

1. Frame a portrait of yourself with them

2. Bath oils and lotions.

3. Agenda - daily, they will remember you 365 days a year.

4. A quality coffee for Gourmet with a personalized mug.

5. A nice pen (not expensive)

6. A photo album or scrapbook of memories with things that are endearing.

7. Homemade cookies that you have baked yourself and that you have put in a very special container.

8. Chocolates

9. Assortment of herbs and spices. If you get small and cute jars to fill them with good spices, the gift can be very special.

10. A gift check.

11. A CD made by you with the favorite songs of the person you are giving it to.

12. A letter written by you by hand and with very good handwriting and with a beautiful paper and envelope in which you tell them very heartily the reasons why you appreciate that person.

13. A small plant

14. A movie ticket with popcorn (in grains)

15. Jars with quality dried legumes: beans, chickpeas, lentils.

16. A nice personalized t-shirt with original and humorous details.

17. Stationery and office supplies (there are very original designs and colors).

18. A "I owe you": attaching a list of nice brochures (about travel, massage, etc.). Only for someone you know very well.

19. Make something knit or entrust someone you know with a little detail.

20. Fill a beautiful jar with different colored pieces of paper, each with a reason why you appreciate it: "I appreciate you because ..."

21. Assortments of jams.

22. Assortments of homemade breads.

23. books

24. A blank cookbook in which you write some pages with your favorite recipes on the first pages.

25. A memory DVD with video clips of very special moments edited by you. It can also be a video based on photos and with background music. On Youtube there are many like that.

26. Create your own artwork on cute cardboard or framed stationery that collects short stories, poems, drawings, paintings, etc.

27. Scented candles

28. A set of survival.

29. A kit shaving.

30. A box of various types of tea or mixed fruit infusions, etc.

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