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Engracia, female name of Latin origin, its meaning is "That which is in a state of grace"or"That which be in grace with God"

History and the Saint

Santa Engracia, was born into a Christian family in the city of Braga, Portugal. Upon reaching the age of the spouses, she is asked to marry by a military commander from Gaul Narbonne. Her father sends her to the city of Naborna escorted by her uncle Lupercio; On his journey he witnesses the violent persecution that Christians suffered. Faced with so much injustice, he confronts Daciano (governor in Hispania of the emperor Diocletian) explaining the massacre he witnessed, he firmly speaks about the intolerant and inhuman treatment that Christians received. Daciano at her words, interprets that Engracia is a Christian and imprisons her. They inflict cruel punishment and torture until his death. Santa Engracia belongs to the countless martyrs of Zaragoza and her sepulcher is in a crypt inside the church that honors the martyrs. King Aragon, John II, built the monastery of Santa Maria de las Santas Masas in 592 A.D. to honor the martyrs.

Santa Engracia is celebrated on April 3.

On November 3, the date of the innumerable martyrs of Zaragoza is celebrated; Santa Gracia is celebrated on April 16 in Zaragoza, on October 26 in Segovia and on February 13 in Badajoz.

Variant of Engracia

Engraciain other languages, Catalan: Engràcia; Italian: Grazia

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