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That, welcome. In this section we must thank many DIY Euro-residents who have been kind enough to actively collaborate in sending us their tricks and skills.

These are simple tricks, for the uninitiated in this art. It also seeks to convince the "non-experts" of the benefits and benefits of DIY.

DIY although it is a true "science of the home", it also allows easy forays for those of us who do not know masonry, plumbing, electricity, electronics and other "engineering".

DIY - or bricolage - is an art that becomes an entertainment. Enjoy and distraction that translate into quality of life at home, savings, anti-stress therapy, hobby, uniqueness and personality of our environments and habitats, health and safety for ours.

DIY is important too. Not for nothing is it one of the chain stores that take it as part of their activity. From Aki to Ikea, through Leroy Merlin. But it is more than business.

But DIY is, as we have said, skill. The DIY - crafts, is a DIY for children and adults. It is educational ability. From building an aquarium to the most diverse garden activities, kitchens, plumbing, painting, electricity, carpentry, masonry, furniture, etc ... A whole science of "how to do".

DIY tricks Blogs have an ideal structure to collect contributions from everyone in the comments. Hence, we have chosen this formula for our DIY Tricks Blog. We insist that these are very simple tips and ideas.
We invite you to complete our tricks with your ideas and experiences.

Thank you very much.


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