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Assumption is a feminine name of Latin origin "Assumptio", what does it mean "That which attracts towards itself or takes for itself"In Christianity it evokes the ascension of the Virgin Mary.

History and the Saint

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary or the elevation in body and soul to heaven of Maria (the mother of Christ) after her death. In the Catholic and Orthodox Church, it celebrates the feast of "Sleeping Maria"(denomination of the 6th century) is considered the major festival of the Virgin Mary and begins to be celebrated as the Assumption of Mary from the 8th century.
It is celebrated on August 15 at night; It begins with the procession, when the Virgin returns to the temple the faithful sing the hymn of the Assumptionist, then it is waited until the last Sunday of September, when some children dressed as angels carry her up to the main altar simulating her Assumption.

Asuncion variant:

Assumption variants Asunta, Assumpta, Asun, etc...

Asunción in other languages:

  • Catalan: Assumpció, Assumpta,
  • Italian: Assunta.

Famous people, famous historical figures by the name of Asunción:

  • Asuncion BalaguerBorn in Barcelona in 1925, a great Spanish actress, very passionate, has left us her genius and spirit in a multitude of performances in cinema and theater; widow of Paco Rabal.
  • Assumpta serna, was born in Barcelona in 1957, a Spanish actress who became popular in Pedro Almodóvar's Matador in 1986, since her growing career, has participated in films and TV series in America (WILD ORCHIDES WITH MICKEY Rourke, in Falcon Crest chapters , at Sharpe, etc. He also writes two books on performance techniques.

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