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Olaf male name of Norse origin: "Oláfr, Aleifr, Anleifr"; from Germanic"year", what does it mean "ancestor"and of "leifr" what does it mean "rest, legacy, inheritance".

Olaf it means "The one who receives the legacy of the grandfather"or"He who receives the ancestral inheritance".

History and the Saint

Saint Olaf, King of Norway between 1015 and 1028, known as Olaf II elSanto. His name was Olaf Haraldsson, a descendant of Harald I, King of Norway, his Viking origin puts him at the service of the exiled King Etelredo II of England and he converts to Christianity in Normandy. Declared and crowned King of Norway in the year 1015, he imposes a central power and raises a Church throughout the territory. Canute II, king of Denmark and England invades Norway in 1028, Saint Olaf had to flee, he returns with an army later, but is defeated and dies in the battle of Stiklestad at the hands of the peasants. Canonized and named Patron Saint of Norway in 1164. He is remembered in Germany, England, the Baltic countries, and Scandinavia.

His Saint is celebrated on July 29.

Variant of Olaf

Olaf variants Olao, Olav, Olavo, and is also used as a diminutive of Oliver.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Olaf

  • Olaf I, King of Norway Between 995 and 1000, great-grandson of King Harald I, participated in Viking advances through the North Sea and the British Isles in order to conquer lands. During the last battles in England he converted to Christianity, with the decision to Christianize the country. Thanks to him, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland became.
  • Olaf V, King of Norway Between 1957 and 1991, he was born in Great Britain in 1903. He returned to Norway after the end of World War II in 1945.

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