How to make a pencil holder out of cardboard rolls

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How to make a homemade pencil holder.

This is a very cheap and simple way to make a homemade pencil holder and have the pencils ordered and classified. If you need a pencil holder or pot to put your paintings, you can make one using some materials that we have at home and that we usually discard.

You can convert many containers into pencil holders but this time we explain how to make one with the rolls of paper that we usually throw away, the good thing about using these rolls is that you can make it as big as you need it since you can add rolls if you need more spaces.

Material needed to make the pencil holder with recycled material

  • 4 cardboard rolls
  • Decorated paper for crafts
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Cardstock or cardboard for the base

This is optional but we have also lined a cookie box to match the pencil holder. So if you have a box of tin cookies you can line it with the same paper and it looks very nice and all the desktop together.

How to make the pencil holder:

1. We cut the sheets of the decorated paper to fit the rolls.
2. We spread the glue rolls and glued the sheets of decorated paper to them (we lined them)
3. We glue the rolls between them, first glue two and two separately and let them dry well, I recommend you put a pair of clothespins to press while the glue dries, when they are well glued together the four rolls and glue them, put Again a pair of tweezers to apply pressure and let it dry well.
4. When they are dry, cut out a cardboard circle the size of the 4 rolls to put as a base, glue the cardboard to the cardboard rolls and make sure it is well glued, once dry you can carefully cut it so that it has the shape of the rolls or leave the circle.

To make the box to match the pencil holder:

To make the box the procedure is similar. First measure the paper and cut the leaves the size of the box (to measure the leaves you have to take into account the lid of the box and the space it occupies when it is closed)
We spread the sheets and the glue box. We glue the sheets to the box carefully respecting the space for the lid, if there is any paper left from the base we cut out carefully. For the lid we have cut out a cardboard circle and we have also glued it with glue, then we have put some labels to know what it contains but you can also use chalkboard paint and paint the cardboard so that they can draw on the lid.

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