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The year of the Horse begins on January 31, 2014. It offers great possibilities to the Goat-Sheep, where they can develop their full potential and have a very rich and pleasant personal life.

its social life it will be fabulous. In fact, one of the best qualities that the Goat-Sheep have is how great public relations they are. This has always made life easier for them and their ability to deal with others has opened many doors. Their way, that they have to empathize quickly, their kindness and the help that they are always ready to give… they dazzle people. This year 2014 they are going to reward you, because you are going to meet new people, who will be delighted with you and will want to return the favor at any given time. This year you are going to be lucky enough to meet many wonderful and interesting people.

Goat Sheep who are lonely and down for one reason or another should sign up for new activities or join NGOs and various groups, not only with the idea of ​​entertaining, but also with the idea of ​​meeting new people and rebuilding your group of friends. The best months for your social life will be: April, June, July and October.

He love they will do very well. Those who have a boyfriend will decide to get married or move in together. If they are single at the beginning of the year, they will surely end it as a couple. And those who are married, will have a happy year with their romantic moments and their escapades.

Your home and your family member they are in full development and with changes. They will have to organize and agree to carry it out together. If they cooperate, everything will be fine. Communication has to be fluid, to avoid misunderstandings. Failure to do so can complicate a situation and create a problem. It is something avoidable.

At job very good. They will realize that with their great accumulated experience they can cope with everything that is presented to them. They will be proposed for positions of more responsibility. Those who They are looking for a job or they think that they deserve another type of position, because they feel limited in their possibilities of promotion, it will not be too easy. They will have to take the opportunity on the fly, because they will not find too many and because they will have a lot of competition. But yes, they may finally find a job where they value their experience. Best months for work are: March, Juanio, September and October.

Regarding their personal interests or hobbiesThey will be very creative and will look for some type of activity where they can develop and capture their ideas. They will be very creative and eager to do things.

Economically it will be a pretty good year. They should keep track of their expenses and make a good provision of funds, to be able to take care of all the unforeseen events. Don't take chances with money, because the time is not right. If you do not feel able to control your finances, seek advice, but do things right.

In summary, 2014 for the Goat-Sheep: It can be a very lively year. They will get better at their job. They will experience personal growth and their experience will greatly increase. Your creative ideas and qualities can make you focus your life in other directions.

TIPS FOR THE YEAR 2014: they must stay open to new jobs, new experiences, new friends, so as not to miss any opportunities. Be alert, to catch any interesting unforeseen. Love very well: new relationships; or if they have a boyfriend / girlfriend they will end up in a wedding.

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  • Goat or Sheep Element: Earth (see Horse Elements)
  • Equivalent zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Compatible with Goat or Sheep: The Hare, the Cat or the Rabbit, The Pig or Wild Boar and the Horse

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