Archival Disc will be next to Blu-Ray

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Sony and Panasonic have already named the next generation storage discs that will succeed Blu-Ray.

They will be called Archival Disc and, finally, they will store 1 TB of data, the equivalent of 250 DVD movies. 300GB versions of these drives will be released in 2020, targeting large companies that need to store large amounts of data.

The companies signed an agreement to work on the new generation of storage media last summer. As they have revealed, the first iteration will be a double-sided disk with three layers of data on each side with a capacity of 300 GB. Current dual-layer Blu-Ray discs can store up to 50GB of data. Over time the companies will release 500GB and 1TB versions, according to a joint statement from the two companies.

In an age of cloud and digital storage, some have questioned the need for these types of drives, but in reality these types of systems are crucial, according to Gartner analyst Paul O'Donovan.

"Cloud servers have to store large amounts of data and they must be able to host it for a long time."

Panasonic and Sony were also willing to discuss the benefits of physical discs.

“Optical discs have excellent properties to protect themselves against the environment, such as resistance to dust and water; and they can also withstand changes in temperature and humidity once stored, ”the companies said in a statement.

Facebook has begun installing 10,000 Blu-Ray discs in a prototype storage cabinet to store backup copies of its users' photos and videos. According to the company, this system will reduce its expenses by 50% and use 80% less energy compared to traditional storage.

Fujifilm is developing a 1TB optical disc that uses two-photon absorption technology and will be released in 2020.

"Eventually we will have molecular holographic systems that will store the information in three dimensions," said O'Donovan.


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