The changes of puberty in girls

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If you are a teenager, during these years you will change from having a girl's body to having a woman's body.

How and when these physical changes of puberty will take place depends on each girl.

It is a strange time and is part of the many changes of adolescence.

Here we describe the most important changes you will notice during these years.

Changes in the skin: In general, the skin becomes more oily, and you may sweat more than before. This is because the glands are growing. Personal hygiene during adolescence is very important to control body aches. It is very likely that you will get pimples on your face, especially, and on the upper part of your back. The presence of this type of juvenile acne is due to hormonal imbalances, and is part of puberty. If you are concerned about the intensity of the pimples, it is advisable to see a doctor to advise you on a suitable cleansing treatment for your skin and a treatment against pimples.

Body hair appearance: During puberty you will grow hair on the pubis, legs and armpits. Most teenage girls decide to shave, with wax, cream, or razor. Never share the same razor with anyone. In fact, the best way to wax is because the hairs take longer to come out again.

Changes in the shape of your body: During puberty the hips change and the waist is accentuated. Fat begins to accumulate in the stomach, legs and buttocks. This is completely normal and makes you have the curves of a woman.

The chest: For most girls, puberty begins when the breasts begin to grow. First you will notice a lump sometimes somewhat painful under the nipple that little by little begins to grow. At first it is normal for one breast to grow at a different rate than the other, so you should not worry if one is larger than the other. When they have grown to their final size, they are most likely about the same. During growth you will begin to wear a bra. Don't worry if your breasts grow slower than your friends'. Every girl has a different puberty.

Size changes in different parts of the body: During puberty, all parts of your body grow, but some may grow faster than others. Maybe this makes you feel weird and somewhat awkward. Don't worry - it's normal.

The menstruation: It is the moment that marks the beginning of sexual maturity when the ovaries begin to produce eggs, or ovules. Menstruation usually begins between 9 - 16 years of age. From the first period, a girl can become pregnant.

Before the first period, most girls begin to have more clear vaginal discharge.

What is menstruation? During puberty, the ovaries begin to produce eggs. If an egg is fertilized by a man's sperm, it will grow in your uterus and become a baby. To prepare, a layer of tissue and blood cells form in your uterus each time an egg hatches from the ovary. If the egg is not fertilized, these tissues and cells are no longer needed, so they turn into a bloody discharge and leave the body vaginally.

You will have to use pads or tampons (if you decide to use tampons, learn to insert them well with the help of your mother, and to change them very frequently to avoid infections) and to take extreme hygiene. You may have discomfort: pain, mood swings, depression, weight gain, or even nausea during the days before your period. If so, talk to your mother. Normally the regladje between 3 - 7 days, although there may be variations, every 3-6 weeks, although sometimes there is no regularity during the first years.

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