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Bécquer - M. Hernández

Bécquer's rhymes are perhaps one of the compulsory readings during high school. Learning to read and enjoy poetry with Béquer is very simple and, if we do it with fragments like this, we will enjoy even more the art of words, rhyme, rhythm ...

I had a point and floating before my eyes
the image of your eyes stayed,
like the dark stain edged in fire
that floats and blinds if you look at the sun.

And wherever the eye is fixed
around to see his pupils flare;
but I can't find you, what is your look,
some eyes, yours, nothing more.

From my bedroom at the angle I look at them
Fantastic desasidos to show off:
when I sleep I feel them hovering
wide open above me.

I know that there are wisps that at night
lead the wayfarer to perish:
I feel dragged by your eyes
But where they drag me I don't know

-Fragment of Rhymes, of G. A. Bécquer

My eyes, without your eyes, they are not eyes,
that they are two lonely ants ...

-Fragment of Miguel Hernandez

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