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Ryanair introduces “child-free” flights

Ryanair has announced that it will introduce “child-free” flights starting in October (as part of its winter program) after a survey of 1,000 passengers conducted in Europe showed that half of them would have paid higher fares to avoid children. children of others. According to the survey, a third of passengers (36%) have seen some of their flights “ruined” by other people's noisy children, and one in five people (18%) have asked Ryanair to restrict the number of children on flights.

While the survey showed that passengers prefer to avoid other people's children, the majority strongly agreed to 'blame' parents, the main complaints being:

1. 50%: parents who expect "special treatment" for having children.
2. 25%: parents who allow their children to disturb the passengers in the back seats.
3. 15%: parents who board late and wait for others to help them get settled.
4. 10%: parents who allow their children to run down the aisles or kick in the seats.

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