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The price of airline tickets: surcharges for various services not included in the initial price
Cheap flights are, of course, sometimes real "bargains", but more than one low-cost airline has already been fined by the authorities for misleading advertising. The price of a plane ticket for a cheap flight may not be so cheap.

All this results in the fact that, as with mortgages, the prices of cheap flights are very difficult to compare, given that in the end, depending on a number of factors, the total price to pay can be very different from one airline to another. other.

What some cheap flight companies charge (and also some that are not)

If, for example, a company announces a flight Madrid - European capital for 30 euros, be prepared because there may be new costs such as:

  • Check in baggage or excess baggage
  • Pay by credit or debit card (Easyjet, 2 euros)
  • Get the boarding pass (Ryanair, 3 euros): The alternative: print the ticket two days before via the Internet.
  • Do not pay or process the ticket through the web.

They are charges that, provided that passengers are informed about them, would have the condition of being endorsed by law. But are the passengers well informed? This is what some consumer associations doubt.

The cost of carrying suitcases

Ryanair and Easyjet have changed their baggage policy, an initiative that is being followed by other cheap flight companies such as Vueling.

  • Ryanair, for example, has increased the weight of the suitcase that can be carried in the aircraft cabin from 7 to 10 kilos. However, this change is charged at 12 euros if invoiced (half the price if paid through the Ryanair website).
  • Easyjet has followed a similar baggage policy for two months.
  • Vueling also charges this fee for carrying luggage in the hold (at 9 euros per piece, four euros if paid on the Vueling website).
  • British Airways has allowed, for about six months, only one free suitcase (up to 23 kilos), and charges about 43 euros for the second suitcase on domestic flights and 60 euros on flights between European cities.

Charge for almost everything

The issue of luggage is not an exception, low-cost companies begin to charge for almost everything (something that companies that are not are also beginning to do).

If you already have your ticket, prepare to pay if, for example:

  1. Have a coffee, soda or bottle of mineral water.
  2. You want to choose a seat in the cabin.
  3. You want to take priority in boarding.
  4. Take out travel insurance (Clickair leaves this contract by default, which represents an additional 14 euros).
  5. If there are unaccompanied minors in between: this goes from the express prohibition to doing so or the payment of a supplement. For example, the Iberia company that charged the rate for children's flights, without a surcharge, has now applied an extra cost of 20 to 40 euros per flight.

So apart from the price of the ticket or the price of an offer on the Internet, make sure of the cost or final price of the ticket you want to hire. Certain cheap flights can come out at a not so cheap final price.

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