Errors to avoid when buying a sofa

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We tell you what things you have to pay attention to so as not to make mistakes when buying your sofa

Buying a sofa is an important decision that should not be taken lightly, think that we make a lot of life in it, we use it to read, watch TV, sleep, look at the ceiling, wander or eat among many other things.

The sofa is a refuge and if you choose a bad sofa you may regret it, so, so that this does not happen, we are going to tell you some of the most common mistakes that are made when we go to buy a sofa

1. Do not measure the sofa and the space in which it will be placed

One of the most frequent mistakes is that the sofa comes home and seems too big for the space to which it was intended or, what is worse, that it does not fit.

This error is common because when we see the sofa in the store it may seem smaller than it actually is. Keep in mind that the showrooms are very large and have very high ceilings, so the perception of the size of some things can vary.

Measure the space you have allocated for your sofa, both the long as width and mark the area in which it will be placed with masking tape to know with more certainty the space it will occupy.

If it is a sofa bed or sofa with removable footrest you also have to measure the space it occupies when unfolded And look at whether when you open it the backrest moves or remains fixed, this is an important detail because if you have it leaning on the wall you will have to move it every time you open it.

2. Make a mistake when choosing the fabric of the sofa

Another important point to consider, if you choose an inappropriate fabric or material for your sofa, you will regret it.

Choose the type of fabric thinking about the use of the sofa and where it will be placed. If the sofa is for the living room, you will surely use it a lot and you have to choose a sofa that you can draw easily and easily washable fabric, especially if you have children or pets.

Choose one breathable fabric and of materials such as memory foam or HR polyurethane foam. Strong and durable materials that deform little.

Another important thing is the color of the fabric from the sofa. A light-colored sofa brightens the room as they reflect light but have the disadvantage that they get dirty more often - they actually get dirty the same as dark ones, only that in dark ones it is better concealed.

Experts recommend choosing a neutral colored sofa and adding color with cushions, bedspreads and blankets. But if you have fallen in love with that sofa full of color, do not hesitate, it is your home and you can decorate it as you like.

3. Buy a sofa because it is cheap regardless of quality

The budget can be an important factor but we must always think that if we buy a poor quality sofa it can happen that in a short time it has lost its shape or breaks due to use and in less time than we expected we have to be thinking about buying a new sofa.

Some data that can guarantee that a sofa is of good quality:

  • That the frame of the sofa is made of pine wood without knots or metal (steel or aluminum)
  • The skeleton of the sofa is assembled not stapled
  • That a system of webbing or zigzag springs support the cushions
  • That the legs are attached to the structure of the sofa, the screwed ones usually end up giving problems

4. Don't test the sofa

Must test the sofa before you buy itIf you like to take naps on the sofa with your head on the armrest, check that it is comfortable, if you are too tall, sit down to check that you can support your head well and that the bottom of the sofa is not too short for you and your feet are dangling.

I do not recommend the fabric in the photo if you have cats

A sofa is a piece of furniture that we use a lot, that is why it is important choose a model that perfectly suits our needs and those of all members of the family.

5. Not taking into account the height of the sofa legs

If you buy a sofa without legs or with low legs, keep in mind that it will be a little more difficult clean the area under the sofa And you will surely have to move it every time you want to vacuum or broom.

6. Place the sofa in an inappropriate place when there are children

This point is important if you have small children. Never place a sofa near the windows, especially if you don't have security features and you live in a flat. And whenever you can, try that the sofa - especially if the backrest is not very high - is leaning against a wall to avoid falls.

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