Virgo and Taurus compatibility

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Virgo and Taurus. Earth + Earth

A combination with very high compatibility, actually Taurus and Virgo has all possibilities, to have a happy and stable relationship for many years.

Taurus and Virgo can enjoy life with great harmony. Neither of them likes quirks or inconsistencies. Your relationship will not lack dedication and loyalty.

Both Virgo and Taurus are practical; They are both Earth signs and when you combine Earth with Earth you get a solid foundation for a long relationship. Both signs will complement each other on many levels: physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Virgo and Taurus are attracted to each other naturally, so this is a very good combination and with every chance of success, save for a few small differences. The karmic connection is so strong that many Virgo-Taurus couples feel as if they already knew each other before meeting.

Both Virgo and Taurus have a need to feel safe: economical and practical. So their overall economic prospects are good.

Virgo is more of a perfectionist, than Taurus and is also more absorbing, so you can feel hurt when Taurus needs his rator of solitude or moments of silence. For their part, Taurus may find Virgo's desire to analyze everything down to the smallest detail quite exhausting. However, common interests in fields such as art, fashion, music or cooking serve to compensate for intellectual differences.

For many Virgos, a Taurus partner is an influence, which transmits calm and in fact, this is one of the few astral signs capable of relaxing a very nervous Virgo.

Virgo has a strong connection to Taurus in romantic matters, so there will definitely be a good physical connection between the two of you. Both of you will share a lot of sexual pleasure, something that can compensate for other weaknesses in the relationship, being enormously satisfying for both signs.

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Compatibility is good for all Virgo-Taurus combinations, but it could be especially good with Taurus born between April 20 and 29 and Virgos born between August 24 and September 2.

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