Son Vida Golf

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The course was inaugurated in 1964, but it was redesigned by F.W. Hawtree, in 2001. The Golf Son Vida was located within the Arabella Golf & Spa Resort Mallorca and is surrounded by Mediterranean forest and by the sea. It has beautiful views over the Bay of Palma.

Basic information about Son Vida Golf

Address and location:


Tel .: 971 79 12 10
Fax: 971-79 11 27
Email: [email protected]

Nearest airport:

Nearest hotels:

Services and facilities:

Putting green, driving green, restaurant, hand carts, golf cars, caddies (by reservation), clubhouse, club rental, shop, private and group classes.

Field type: Commercial

Number of holes: 18, par72

Season: Open all year long

Video: Golf Son Gual, Mallorca - Top 100 Golf Courses of Spain


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