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It is difficult to travel to the United States. It is an expensive country and very extensive. Very few can afford a trip to see it. Losumo, the United States is known as the result of a mixture of travel for work reasons and typical scheduled tourist trips: New York, Disney in Orlando, Los Angeles ...

However, and despite the drawbacks of approaching a country as complex as the United States, we are going to give some advice that may be useful.

- A day in New York

- Photos of the United States

A previous topic important: Have all your papers in order. The United States is a country that citizens from all over the world want to reach. Make sure you have the proper visa and that your passport is in order. Likewise, be patient and very cautious with the security measures at your airports or other critical points, given the psychosis that this country has experienced since the last 9/11 attacks. Contact the embassy in your country and inform yourself of the legal requirements for the trip.

Remember also that now you have to register as a tourist before starting your trip on this website.

The United States: a great country

If you have time and money, this is the ideal country. Disarm your topics on many subjects and get ready to enjoy a great, modern country, with advanced technologies and a very high standard of living. Likewise, the United States has many comforts derived from its infrastructures and services and large cities. It is also a country where you can enjoy very beautiful places of nature. The tourist infrastructure is very important, since it responds to a huge mass of inland tourism that loves to move and get to know their own vast country.

The cities of the United States

Charming cities. I will cite three very special ones: Boston, San Francisco and New Orleans (this chronicle was made before Hurricane Katrina). But above all think of the country, not a mosaic of cities. In any case, the art museums of the vast majority of North American cities will impress you, especially if you like contemporary art, impressionism, etc. Museums, shopping, universities, international gastronomy ... can be a great incentive. See a day in New York.

A young, rich and modern country

Do not go with a European or Eastern mentality typical of countries with a lot of history and monumental heritage. The United States has cities with history and with a very relevant political activity. From Philadelphia to South Carolina passing through Washington, it may be interesting to know the great decision-making centers of the world (Congress, the White House ...). In its short history, Americans venerate details such as the Liberty Bell (Philadelphia) that would be of no interest to the vast majority of Europeans. Americans venerate its short history, its symbols and its landmarks. Do not expect great and ancient monuments, but do expect a way to better know and understand this great country. Conceive large cities as contemporary works of our time, with their skyscrapers, modern architecture, a radically different urbanism and enjoy unbeatable and sometimes sophisticated services.

The natural resources of the United States

Natural places. The Grand Canyon of the Colorado and Niagara Falls will probably offer you. Not bad to start with. Take advantage of America's resources and ask for prices for services that can be prohibitive elsewhere. For example, you might be able to fly over the Grand Canyon in a plane from Las Vegas Airport, after trying your luck in one of the gambling capital cities of the world. If you feel like it, you can visit Yellowstone National Park or even Alaska.

America coast to coast, north to south

Combine a little East Coast, West, North, South and Center. They are very different realities and it will be the only way to understand the country. The climatic and landscape variety is also important. It can be snowing in Chicago, Boston, Minnesota, Rochester, even New York, and enjoying Caribbean temperatures in Orlando or Miami in a matter of hours without leaving the United States. The west coast (Pacific) and the east coast (Atlantic) are very different, historically and culturally. Also landscape and in its orographic and natural resources.

The kitchen of the United States

Banish the idea that it is a country where you eat only pizza and fast food. The United States enjoys the best international cuisine in the world. With many establishments with qualities superior to those of the places of origin. An exceptional Asian cuisine (Thai, Chinese, Japanese), excellent representatives of Latin American cuisine (especially Mexico, Brazil ..) and a good representation of European cuisine (French, Italian ...) and in general from all over the world, even from the most exotic places. Try to accommodate the rules and guidelines of each zone. Eat Lobster in Boston, Thick Pizza and Ribs in Chicago), European cuisine in New York, and Oriental cuisine in Los Angeles or San Francisco. American Recipes: cookbook of traditional American cuisine.

Airports, cheap flights, transportation

The United States has a highly developed airport infrastructure and air services. A large number of companies competing in a large market, with cheap flight companies (low cost) that will allow you to increase your radius of action very widely at reasonable prices. See cheap flights to the United States.

Luxury hotels and cheap hotels

Good hotels have dream facilities. You will be struck by its spaciousness, the huge beds, generous spaces, the excellent services. A large part of these hotels have very special services: from limousine to the most sophisticated services for doing business or enjoying. There are also cheaper hotels, but be careful, where you go, a cheap hotel is not always recommended. Inform yourself properly.

The great cities of the United States

If you visit big cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, etc. Let yourself be advised by the areas you should not visit. A foreigner can find himself in a defenseless situation in areas that he does not dominate and know and can become unfriendly. But knowing New York can be an unforgettable experience if you plan and focus properly.

United States Universities

Many people go to the United States to study at the excellent universities and beautiful campuses. In many cities, visits to the campus are required as high-quality spaces. Some highly recommended college campuses not to be missed: Princeton, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Utah, Minnesota, Rocherter, South Carolina, Nort Carolina, Pennsylvania, Yale, Columbia ...

Each state, a thousand possibilities

Each state has excellent tourist guides that you should know and in each case choose the best options. A trip to the United States may not compensate you to go to Williamsburg, but it will be an interesting experience if you have to spend a few days in Richmond, Norfolk or in the state of Virginia and recreate what life was like 200 years ago in the United States. If you visit a state think that it can pay you to rent a car and enjoy beautiful towns, landscapes and sites. Bottom line: Get state-by-state information.

A different country in each state

Do not discard any state in principle. If you visit Utah for example, you will end up knowing things that will surprise you. North American nationality is multicultural in many aspects: races, religions ... On the east coast the differences between Massachusetts and South Carolina are quite marked, even sociologically speaking. If you go to Texas, you can pay a visit to NASA. I didn't expect anything to write home about, but it might be worth feeling like you've been there.

Theme parks, major tourist infrastructures in the United States

If you go with children, be sure to enjoy the magnificent infrastructures that have been developed around certain cities, 100% specialized in this type of tourism with offers that surpass everything imaginable. This is the case, for example, of Orlando. The older Disney (Epcot Center) will make it up to you to be a kid again with its stunning theme parks, attractive restaurants and shops. Its facilities are superior to other Disney centers in the world (eg Paris). But there is not only Disney, in the country there are hundreds of very interesting theme parks.

One trip, two trips, three trips ...

Consider that 3 months of non-stop travel might allow you to see no more than a third of the United States. So take it easy ... Study English in the United States

Dollar-Euro exchange

A monetary issue to plan your trip to the United States. The euro is at its best against the dollar. Although the lifestyle is expensive. The strength of the euro against the dollar plays in favor of Europeans. See Euro-Dollar. And here you have this calculator so that you can make calculations of your trip.

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