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There is good news for Electronic Commerce in Spain. Despite the few initiatives by public administrations to encourage its development, e-commerce is also taking off in Spain, according to the data provided by the CMT, referring to payments through bank cards.

Latest e-commerce data

Between April and June 2004, electronic commerce achieved quarterly growth of 24%, and 93% year-on-year.

The total business volume accumulated in the first two quarters of 2004 reached the figure of 384 million euros, which is very close to the 445 million euros that were recorded throughout the year 2003.

Sectors most favored by electronic commerce in Spain

By sectors, the main activities favored by electronic commerce during the mentioned period are mainly distributed in: air transport (25.5%), direct marketing (11.4%) and public telephones and telephone cards (7.7%). The sectors that grew the most were air transport (+ 223%) and hotels, apartments and camping (208%), together with telephones and telephone cards that tripled their business.

In total, 2.7 million electronic commerce operations during the second quarter of 2004. Paradoxically, it is confirmed that most of the transactions carried out by Spanish residents are made with establishments located outside of Spain. The data even reveal that the trade generated within Spain by Spanish companies (30.2% of the total) does not follow a clearly expansive dynamic.

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