Buzz Technologies announces new relationship with Google

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According to an article published on February 12, 2007 in dBusinessNews, Buzz Technologies has announced that its search engine will, from now on, work with Google.

Google will be responsible for the electronic management of revenue from search engine advertising sales and other services of hosting. And Buzz Technologies, in turn, will promote Google's advertising products, AdWords and AdSense services to its customers.

The two companies have created a joint AdWords website that can be accessed by clicking the “Advertise on this Site” link on the website

As Sutida Suwunnavid, President of Buzz Technologies, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Google. We will promote the use of the site by offering free SMS and VoIP services, which will increase our number of subscribers faster than ever. The services will be available to any site that uses Buzz Search ”.

Buzz Technology is a very diverse telecommunications group that includes Internet-based products and services, focused on the new frontier of next-generation technology: from telephony, landline and VoIP, to advanced search engines and delivery of information, news, entertainment and communications to new devices through new media.


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