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Bed and breakfast in London pubs. On several occasions we have recommended pubs to eat in England, as they are a very attractive option both for the quality of the food (it is usually traditional) and for its price: quality ratio. These are some of the pubs in London that offer bed and breakfasts and are recommended for their location, facilities and service. The photo is of another pub with rooms where we stayed a few years ago. Specifically The Trout Inn a few kilometers from Oxford. Also highly recommended (for more information see: The Trout Inn).

Pubs in London with rooms, bed and breakfast.

The Fox & Anchor, Smithfield: Victorian pub, next to Smithfield Meat Market. Authentic draft beer is served at the bar, as well as abundant foods (empanadas, meat, fish and chips) that can be enjoyed between the wood and brass paneling of the main bar room. Rooms are more contemporary, with soft velvet furnishings, elegant bathrooms, and striking photos of London landmarks (

The Alma, Wandsworth: The Alma has 23 stylish rooms. Decorated with lively Osborne & Little wallpapers and a separate bathroom, the rooms share the use of a fenced garden. The top three suites have large floor-to-ceiling windows. An extensive wine list and a modern British menu are available in the bar and dining room. Guests can also enjoy a local gym and spa (

The Rose & Crown, Stoke Newington- Family-run pub, situated amidst the independent shops and restaurants of Stoke Newington Church Street, and next to St Mary's Church and Clissold Park. A rooftop patio with loungers adds appeal during the summer. In addition, it has half a dozen rooms with contemporary decor, flat-screen TVs, and separate bathrooms in the larger rooms. The bar serves snacks and meals throughout the week and a traditional barbecue on Sundays (

The Grazing Goat, Marylebone: This pub takes its name from the first Lady Portman, who was allergic to cow's milk, so she kept the goats on the land where the bar currently stands. The elegant gastropub is painted in muted blues and grays with oak paneling and deer heads. All eight rooms have a similar aesthetic and have Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs (

York & Albany, Camden: Eighteen months ago, Gordon Ramsay went into business and restored this former stagecoach inn overlooking Regent’s Park, opening it as a restaurant with rooms. The 10 Regency-style rooms are located above a restaurant, bar and delicatessen (

The Orange, Pimlico- This mid-19th century pub, located in Belgravia, has been fully restored, from the stucco-decorated exterior to the elegant Victorian interior. The designers have given an "old castle" feel to the four en-suite bedrooms with rattan headboards and dark tones. On the ground floor, the gastropub serves a rustic, seasonal menu including wood-fired pizzas ( Source: The Independent

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